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G.I Tri-Fold Shovel - G.I Trifold Shovel
G.I Tri-Fold Shovel
G.I Tri-Fold Shovel - G.I Trifold Shovel
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G.I. Tri-Fold Shovel

Uncle Sam wants you!

. . . to be ready for any last-ditch scenario. Like digging your SUV out of the last ditch on Teton Pass you swear you will ever slide into. Or quickly burying your poo in cat hole as Smokey Bear lumbers through your campsite. Or even anchoring your drift boat right above that primo hole, all because your buddy forgot to tie off the last anchor rope.

Dig, trench, chop, and in a pinch even saw with this shovel. The steel head is pointed for breaking tough ground or the skulls of unsuspecting sentries (seriously, check out the fighting manual below) and has serrations on one side for taking down small saplings. The black powder coat is durable and won’t reflect during moonlight night raids, on the liquor store or enemy trenches, take your pick.

Our brand new Tri-Fold Shovel is genuine U.S. military-issue. Measuring 23 ½" unfolded, the head locks securely straight out or at a 90 degree angle with the simple turn of the tightening knob. When you’re ready to hike, the handle and blade fold up to measure only 9 ½". Stows completely in surplus carrying case.


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