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The Outfitter Package - Outfitter Package - Assorted
The Outfitter Package
The Outfitter Package
The Outfitter Package
The Outfitter Package - Outfitter Package - Assorted
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This is the perfect gift for the hunters that travel light, value multi-purpose tools, and prepare their own game.

They've got their tags, they've charted their terrain, and they're ready to bring home that trophy beast. Make this season epic with these tools:

  • JH Hunter in Sunuburst - unmatched edgeholding for skinning and quarting multiple big game without blade fatique, plus the durability to be an all-round camping knife with a handy leather holster
  • Wyoming Saw - light weight and collabsible, this classic hand saw with blades for both bone and wood, will help you break down elk as well as keep you warm at night by making firewood prep an easy chore.
  • MTN Man Hat - avoid glare, keep precipitation out of your eyes, and get that Jackson swagger with a MTN Man Toy shop hunting hat

Wyoming Saw Specs

  • 11 1/8" hard-point heat treated wood and bone blades
  • Weighs just 18 ounces with the leather case, and 16 ounces with the camouflage case
  • Finger guard prevents bruised knuckles
  • Powder-coated stainless steel frame and a powder-coated aluminum handle can be assembled in seconds
  • Full frame holds blades taut and makes sawing more efficient than loose-end blades

JH Hunter Specs



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