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Big Game Set - Big Game - Assorted
Big Game Set
Big Game Set
Big Game Set
Big Game Set
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The Big Game Set: Next level hunting tools.

Impress that seasoned hunter who's been trekking the backwoods for years with some next level tools of the trade. These super-sharp and durable hunting essentials are perfect for the hunter who does it all themselves, from tracking to butchering, to turning out the tastiest steaks and sausages.

The S7 Tomahawk

In addition to being a perfectly balanced tomahawk for tossing at a cross-cut target, the cast S7 tool steel construction also makes it a super high performance working hatchet for camping and hunting. The relatively lightweight design of the tomahawk is an ideal addition to any pack. Splitting the pelvis and sternum of large Jackson Hole game like elk, moose and bison in no time at all. No mountain man would have left the rendezvous without one.

The JH Hunter-Forager: This knife makes a great all around belt or camp knife.  This is the perfect size foraging knife.  With its time tested saddle leather sheath, it can be quickly and effectively deployed for cutting wild morels or chanterelles.  It's a great for general outdoor use. The Hunter/ Forager is an excellent tool to take when butchering livestock on the farm. JH Cowboys say "it will cut balls all day long when castrating steers".   With the soul of a chef's knife, it is also great for food prep around the campsite. Learn More about our JH Hunter, click here!

The G-Fusion Fillet Knife: Our S35VN "powder metal" is the highest performance steel ever used to make a fillet knife. Designed for both the avid outdoors enthusiast and professional chef, our new fillet knife has exceeded all of our expectations as America's premium cutlery boutique.  The thin blade is seven inches long and multi-stepped taper to create the perfect amount of flex.  The geometry of this blade's shape is designed to match perfectly to the curve of a fish, and long enough to reach the deep bones of any animal.  Its full tang creates stability in each long slicing stroke.

New West Fillet Knife

New West JH Hunter Knife

MTN Man Toy Shop S7 Tomahawk

  • Weight without sheath - 1.5lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Steel Type - American S7 Tool Steel , 54-56 HRC
  • Handle  - American tung oiled Hickory

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