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JH Outdoor Knife Set - Assorted Colors
JH Outdoor Knife Set - All Black
JH Outdoor Knife Set - Assorted Colors
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Perfect for the Outdoor Enthusiast.

The revival of local farm to table produce and protein has inspired many to get their hands dirty when it comes to providing sustenance. At New West KnifeWorks we have always found that best source for food is in our backyard garden, favorite fishing hole, and in the elk inhabited hills.  Our Wyoming roots have inspired us to make the very best tools for the outdoor enthusiast.  The Jackson Hole Hunter Knife Kit is designed specifically for the fisherman, hunter, and home butcher.

Our JH Hunter and Fillet knife are made with our high performance S35VN steel and an extremely durable G10 handle.  

The JH Hunter-Forager: This knife makes a great all around belt or camp knife.  This is the perfect size foraging knife.  With its time tested saddle leather sheath, it can be quickly and effectively deployed for cutting wild morels or chanterelles.  It's a great for general outdoor use. The Hunter/ Forager is an excellent tool to take when butchering livestock on the farm. JH Cowboys say "it will cut balls all day long when castrating steers".   With the soul of a chef's knife, it is also great for food prep around the campsite. Learn More about our JH Hunter, click here!

The G-Fusion Fillet Knife: Our S35VN "powder metal" is the highest performance steel ever used to make a fillet knife. Designed for both the avid outdoors enthusiast and professional chef, our new fillet knife has exceeded all of our expectations as America's premium cutlery boutique.  The thin blade is seven inches long and multi-stepped taper to create the perfect amount of flex.  The geometry of this blade's shape is designed to match perfectly to the curve of a fish, and long enough to reach the deep bones of any animal.  Its full tang creates stability in each long slicing stroke.


We are America’s Premier Boutique Knife Manufacturer. Learn Why.

  • G-Fusion: Bringing the greatest handle material and steel together for the world’s best chef knives.

  • 100% Made in America: We are 100% committed to using only American Made steel, materials, and labor for our knives. Great Knives do come from the USA.

  •  Superior Steel: No need to look overseas for a great chef knife. Know why we are better than our competitors. Lets talk Metallurgy!

  • Everything you need to know about Chef Knives- Click Here! 

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